DogManic Productions was founded in 2013 with it’s focus being on Artist Developement.

It wasn’t long after the inception that Our Company encompassed a more diverse model in order to endorse and truly promote the abilities of Our Talent.

We added a team of seasoned prosfessionals to spotlight Marketing, Photoshoots, Videos, EPKs, Website & Album Cover Design.  

We can deliver The Complete Package that is required in this ever changing Industry.


  As the demand for this new product grew, we enhanced our capabilities in the Audio Visual Arena in order to ensure that We had all essential state of the art tools for our clients.


In just a few years we have worked with some of South Florida’s Headlining Acts in the Music Scene, Created Commercials, Seminar Presentations for Franchises & Advertising Companies. Produced, Filmed & Broadcasted Live Talk Shows, & Produced custom video’s tailor made for Our Clients all under the DogManic Productions umbrella.  

Audio Visual


DogManic Productions AV Dept is fully equipped to produce, capture & deliver High Def Videos for Commercial & Artistic use. Our Focus is 100% on our Clients needs & Visions.


   Our production staff is here to create original concepts which will separate the Clients project from the norm. We always go into every production with a story board laid out for a smooth & seamless product.

Videographers, Editors, FX Coordinators:

 With years of experience our team is well versed in today’s ever evolving tools,

hence forever stretching visual boundaries.


The Real Deal Videos

   We use multi Sony & Canon HD Video Camera set up, while utilising a wide range of soft to bright lighting to bring out natural scenes. 
   Our in house Multi Colored LED set up is a client favorite, & offers an instant vibe & texture for many projects & band videos.


Green Screen

Now here is where it gets wild !!!

The sky is the limit w/ green screen videos, commercial gigs & almost anything Ur imagination can think of.


Vlogs, Blogs, & Webinars

Everyone is either in this medium or getting into it ! We know whole hardedly that to get an audience nowadays, well it has to be visually. We can put a backdrop of custom design, capture pro recording for use on all social platforms.

Which has proven to enhance the exposure of the client’s product, cause, band & the list goes on & on!


Pre-Recorded & Live Broadcasting

With all broadcasts being shot & delivered under the roof of DogManic Recording Studios. The Audio is equally as important as the visual. Fully equipped w/ top of the line Broadcasting Mics, Lavaliers, Pro Ear Buds, not to mention our State of the Art Recording facilities.

We are pleased to be able to offer to all of or clients Multi Angle placement & Focal Lengths.

Excellent for Close Ups, to Wide Angle & everything in between.

Everyone @ DogManic Productions is Here to get Ur Product out THERE !

We Stream onto Multiple Platforms ie: Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Google & More..



Lead Creative Director
Head of Production 
Commercials,Videos & Broadcasts 


in either music or in video is all about storytelling! 

You take the original concept, 

Twist it, turn it upside down and then back again, always adding a bit of chaos! 

Keeping in mind the soul,

the heart & direction

of the client’s original path. 

There is nothing more gratifying

then being a part of creating

a body of work

that stands out from the

Status quo and finally voilà

the finished project.

U Have Arrived !”


Photographer - Videographer  FX Designer - Video Production

Live Broadcasting Engineer

  Alberts passion for the art of storytelling through the lens came to him early on in life through his first DSLR camera. 


  In his formative years he began to experiment with photojournalism and short films, 

capturing specific emotions and characteristics through lighting and his commitment to his field.

  His talents have won him several awards, and accolades with in the industry.


  Albert ‘s knowledge of the inner-workings with advertising agencies, social media, branding and public relations campaigns

 adds to an already impressive professional history. 


  Every project Albert touches comes w/ Professionalism 

& a Passion for his Craft!


Photographer - Videographer

Editing & Video Production

  Victor learned his craft as a photographer and videographer on the streets of São Paulo,  Brazil. 

Being heavily involved with the music & dance scene, 

his surroundings of being in a multi cultured industry helped round him out 

to become the artist he is today.


  His acquired skills in photography & videography enable him to work not only on musical videos 

but equally so on commercial and artistic projects, 

even his editing and production concepts have his unique stamp on all his work.


  Victor brings to DogManic productions years of experience and a smile to every project.


Angiie Montano 

"Soar Like an Eagle - 02.14.18"

(Behind the Scenes)

Class Act

Teaser Reel

Gravy Organ Trio 

Teaser Reel

Gabby -

Covers -Teaser Reel

The Summit

"The Christmas Waltz"

Caleb McIver & Co

"At The End of The Day" 

(Behind the Scene)

Fabian Michique

"A Blend of Covers" 


Green Screen Videos

Of One Mind

"I Must Say"

Kyle KC Gibson - AD

Angiie Montano

 "You Don't Own Me" Cover

Bburny pelsmajer - Prelude in Db Major
(Live Recorded)


   We are fully equipped with a multi set up of 
Full HD & 4K cameras , Green Screens, Lighting and Microphones for any scenario as well as the capability to pre-record and/or stream live performances, podcasts,talk shows including live video conferencing onto multiple platforms. 

All under the roof of DogManic Recording Studios w/ its custom designed acoustic & sonically perfected facilities.


   DogManic Productions is a tight-knit company utilizing a well-rounded group of AV Specialists, Filmmakers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Producers and Audio Engineers.   

We Are here to HELP create Your Future Presence


| Sony A7sII ( Full Frame ) | (2x) Sony A7II ( Full Frame ) |
|  Sony A7S (Full Frame)  | Canon Rebel T2I ( Crop ) | 
| (3x) Gopro Hero 5 Black (
2x) GoPro Hero Session |


| Sony Zeys 24-70mm f4 | Sir Anamorphic 50mm 2.8 | Sony 28-70 3.5 FE OSS |
| Canon EF 18-55 3.5/5.6 IS STM |



| AKG PZM30D Condenser Mic | Audio Technica BPHS1 Headphone w/ Condenser Mic |
 | Advanced Audio DM20 Braoadcasting Mic | Audio Technica Pro70 Lavelier | 
 |  (3x) HeadPhones Sennheiser HD201 | (4x) Sennheiser HD 280 Pro | 
| (4x) Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro | (
3x) Shure Pro Audio Buds | 

Live Stream

| BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio HD Black Magic Web Presenter | Viotec V49C Curved Monitor & Triple Screen Monitoring Station 8 Channel Hear Back Audio Monitoring System Up to 4 Seperate Headphones & Mixes | (8x) Headphones |


| Adobe Photoshop ( Photo ) | Adobe Premiere ( Video ) | Adobe Lightroom ( Photo ) |
Adobe After Effects ( Video ) | OBS ( Live Stream ) | Dropbox File Sharing |
Skype Zoom Source Connect & (Phone Patch-In) Capability |


| DJI Ronin S |


| Multiple RGB Ceiling lights | (2x)  Bi Color LED (3200-5600K CRI 96)  |
(2x) 24x24 inch Sofbox Light (5500K) |



| DJI Mavic Pro II |

Live Broadcast & Video Set Up


DogManic Productions & Recording Studios - Pompano Beach, Florida

1731-B SW 7th Ave, ​FL  33060

Office - 954.210.0296

Cell - 954.675.0870

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